Pagnotta Engineering

Steady-state and transient

Performed to solve heat dissipation problems and characterize temperature distributions
and steady-state heat flow within a mechanical system.

Specialty communications product


Bresslergroup Inc.

• Measurements taken on the prototype of a communications product showed that temperatures of critical
   electronic components exceeded design limits
• A Finite Element model of the prototype was created and included all significant heat sources, the
   thermal conductivity properties of components, and convection boundary condition properties
   considering the product's environment
• FE model predictions of steady-state temperatures at critical components matched customer's lab test
   results and gave confidence that trade study results would also be accurate
• Ran trade studies to determine the most cost efficient means to dissipate heat
• Determined that the addition of thermal resin between the PC board and cover reduced steady-state
   temperatures to acceptable levels
• The recommended solution saved the customer from expensive rework of the cover and cover tooling

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