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Fifth and final space shuttle servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. Launched May 2009 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


Hubble Space Telescope Servicing
Mission (STS-125 HST-SM4)

Orbital Sciences Corp.

• PEI provided design, analysis, and test support for major flight components
Atlantis' seven Astronauts  

ORUC (Orbital Replacement Unit Carrier)
• Primary Structure Analysis Panel Ding and Dent Analysis
IMAX Camera (Design and Analysis)
• MEB-Cover-R (Analysis)
• Auxilary Transport Module 1 (ATM1) (Design and Analysis)
• ORUC Fail-Safe Fitting (Analysis)
• NOPE Adapter Plate (Design and Analysis)
• PRJU Adapter Plate (Analysis)
• Primary, Stabilizer and Keel Trunnions Analysis Pip Pin
   Blankets (Design)

MULE (Multi Use Lightweight Equipment)
• RNS ICE (Relative Navigation Sensors Integrated Control
   Exlectronics) (Analysis)


SLIC (Super Lightweight Interchangeable Carrier)
• BET (Battery Extraction Tool)

FSS Carrier (Flight Support System)
• BAPS Handrail (Analysis)
• Performed analysis on the Soft Capture Mechanism (SCM)

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