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When ductile metals are loaded past their elastic limit, the instantaneous modulus decreases resulting in larger deflections,
or strains, than linear analysis would predict. Often, non-linear analysis can result in less conservative and more realistic
stress results since loads can redistribute through redundant load paths.

Non-linear Material | Large Deformation

Battery Cell Pressure Vessel
(used as spacecraft power source)

Eagle-Picher Technologies, LLC

• Finite Element Model of pressure vessel created taking advantage of axisymmetric properties
• Stress-strain curve for vessel material defined
• Non-Linear Stress Analysis of Pressure Vessel performed to determine strains and extent of
   plastic region
• Stress results used to evaluate fatigue-life of electron beam and laser welded joints in vessel

FEM mesh of wedge of cell assembly using symmetry Von Mises stress contour of proof loading to 1582 PSI

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