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IMAX Support Structure


Orbital Sciences Corp. at NASA GSFC


• Generate preliminary design of IMAX support structure
• Perform Modal Analysis, optimize to ensure maximum stiffness (to minimize
   coupling with the ORU Carrier which could result in unacceptable load
• Analyze the structure for maximum anticipated flight loads
• Perform Fracture Analysis (analysis to ensure that an undetectable flaw will
   not propagate to failure)
• Develop and support modal and static test plan, document results

IMAX camera in Shuttle Cargo Bay
APRIL 2007 MAY 2007 JULY 2007 AUGUST 2007 NOVEMBER 2007
Go-ahead given to incorporate IMAX camera onto the ORU Carrier for STS 125
IMAX Table Top Review, first informal review to discuss design trades and finalize the design
IMAX Peer Review, formal design review, obtained approval from NASA to complete the design and analysis
First drawings signed off, long-lead hardware ordered, fabrication started
Modal test plan developed, large aluminum structural components fabricated
Less than 8 months from project start to completion of fabrication
IMAX Support Structure IMAX Support Structure integrated on ORUC carrier
Fabrication of Main Body Fabricated Sides of IMAX Support Fully Assembled IMAX Support Structure
IMAX Testing IMAX Support Structure
with camera attached
in cargo bay of shuttle

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