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Fatigue analysis is employed to calculate the useful life of a structure when subject to cyclic loading. Fatigue analysis generally
applies to metallic structures. The metals are characterized by testing that determines the allowable number of cycles for a given stress level.
Structural anaylsis is performed and compared to the fatigue-life curves to determine either the allowable useful life or the stress
level below which the structure will not fail.

Conceptual Design of Amusement Park Ride


Environmental Tectonics Corp.

• Created a detailed Finite Element Model (FEM) of the rotating arm
• Applied loads due to gravity, steady state rotation, and local acceleration of the passenger compartment
• Analyzed the structure using DIN standards to obtain the allowable stress levels of the welded assembly
• Modified components as needed to satisfy the requirements of DIN standards
Pro/Engineer solid model of amusement
ride structural component
Detailed FEM of
the rotating arm
Pro/Engineer model rotating arm
with outer skins removed
Detailed FEM of the rotating arm
with outer skin removed

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